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Published On: Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sharjah Police -Traffic Awareness Campaign

Sharjah: Motorists in Sharjah will face a fine of Dh300 if they leave their car engines running.
Sharjah Police launched an awareness campaign on Wednesday against drivers leaving their engines running when not in their cars.
The campaign kicked off targeting motorists in the Eastern Region of Sharjah and will last for two weeks.
The new drive comes as part of a wide campaign launched by Sharjah Police in September 2012 in a bid to curb the practice of leaving car engines running while motorists are not in the car.
Police will impose a traffic fine of Dh300 according to the traffic law No.26 issued by Ministry of Interior. The move is aimed at reducing car thefts and avoiding accidents.
Sharjah Police said that there are lots of reasons behind car theft and leaving engines running makes it easy for thieves.

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