Onam Fest 2012 : Global Organisation for Pravasis Urakam (GOPUR)

Published On: Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Onam Fest 2012

Gopur Onam

Gopur is celebrating ONAM Fest on 5th October, 2012 at Al Khaleej Center, (Old Al Tawun Mall) Sharjah. All the members are invited to attend this event and make this program a grant success.

If your presence have not been confirmed till now, please contact us immediately through the email: gopurevents@gmail.com (make sure to include your phone no in the mail)  

The location map  of Al Khaleej Center, (Al Tawun Mall) Sharjah.

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  1. Great Artwork. Hope the food will be the same as in the picture.
    wishing you all a great event.

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