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Published On: Saturday, June 09, 2012

Keeping yourself involved at

We are thrilled to see the responses coming in supporting our efforts to make this site lively and active.

For example, to see the presentations from our children, you have to take a few minutes and visit and see and realize yourself, how their mind travel and bring out images which we have long forgotten. What more we need?.

An opportunity for them to showcase their talents and an opportunity for us to revisit our childhood memories.

Yes, what a lovely feeling when we go back years behind.

As for me, I still cherish those good old days, when after school, take my privilege to go to the ration shop with our maid servant. It was an opportunity to walk all the way to the most important place in our village in those days. It was also an opportunity to go and meet many people from the small village where I lived, listen to all the news discussed between them, while we were in the queue. It was also an opportunity to read through the various newspapers stacked there near the big long balance to wrap various grocery items. Those were the days, when newspapers and news items were not so common for those interested to read. Other than the regional malayalam daily Mathrubhumi and the English daily The Hindu, there was nothing to read. As eager as ever to read all what comes in front, it was an opportunity to read those small bits of newspapers, which normally would have come from other places or from those who bring it to sell them for some grocery items. Many times it contained papers which were normally banned at our conservative home - papers like those which carried communists views etc. So, it gave a different angle to what I gathered normally from the views and eyes of the editorials of Mathrubhumi and The Hindu. Those were not the age of television and movies. Radio was the only other medium which was available to pile upon knowledge. Incidentally, the village library which was in front of this ration shop played all the programmes available through the national radio channel Akashvaani and also some times, played BBC programmes and Srilanka radio according to the mood of librarian.

Gone are those days. Now, a normal child gets to read newspapers at home. Any paper you take out here carries at least 50 pages of materials to read. They are in plenty too. For instances in UAE, we have now, three or four mainstream newspapers. Starting with Gulf News, Khaleej Times, The National, Gulf Today and several other small ones. Then there are tabloids and additional pull out for each one of them and their weekly magazines in addition. Add to them, the small time news prints like 7 Days news etc. Include several newspapers now coming here daily in the morning. In fact all Indian regional news are available here in the morning itself. A child or a family with an interest for reading has no dearth of substance available. In fact it has gone to a serious situation that if one has to read at least the main section of each of these newspapers, one has to take half a day leave from work. If he has to read complete all of them, like actor Mohanlal said in one movie, you have to get a good job to take leave (and read news in complete).

Opportunities available are plenty for those who look for it and accept it. Otherwise, you will never see it. It is how we look at things. Each moment is an opportunity in life. The other day I was mentioning about crazy driving on the road and life being generously given to other drivers by those who driver erratically without care for their life and fellow drivers. I wish if they had a visit to emergency ward of any of the major hospitals around. My thoughts are being de-railed by a near miss I had on the way, the other day, as early as 4:45 am on the highway. The site and experience was repeated today, a silent Friday morning, as early as 8:00 am. If someone is driving rashly at that time of the morning, I cannot imagine, when is the safe time to drive or which road.

Well, back to our topic, my experience so far with promoting talent and creativity of this site and our readers has been interesting and bringing out several new topics of knowledge to my life. As usual, any project is precious for me, and as one progresses, and as I enjoy it’s progress, knowingly or unknowingly, I would have already started working on the next project. It is one way of fine tuning the project’s finer aspects from closer and distant perspective. It is also another way of looking that project from a totally different angle. It is not easy, but is not difficult too. It is like the same way, a fast bowler or a spin bowler comes in and bowl 6 different bowl to an excellent batsman without giving him an opportunity to score. How many times he would have practised for that to happen in real time. The batsman would have had all the probabilities to hit those six balls for fours or sixers. But, it didn’t happen, or rather he didn’t allow it to happen. It is practise, Practise, PRACTISE. Nothing else. Practise in real, and practise in mind. This is my answer to all those who says that I am busy and I do not have time to do a thing. May be you were not courageous enough to say that you are not interested to do it and why to blame time. Time is precious and it will be found available only for those who value each second or millisecond in life. Keeping self busy is a good thing, but how you keep yourself busy is the most important thing.

Many of us have cameras, all different types of it. Have you ever tried shooting a bee or a butterfly using it. Then you will realise, how busy their life is and how difficult is to follow them. Then a little more into it, you will realise what is required for achieving success. Practise, followed by Patience. If you do, it victory will be yours. If not today, definitely tomorrow. What is the point of a golden sword if it’s edges are not sharp enough to cut the throat of an attacking enemy?

We have not limited our efforts and have done our best within this short time to provide you interesting contents in the form of interesting reading materials on:

- Agriculture
- Autozone
- Creativity
- Daily Living
- Educational Opportunities
- Healthy Living
- Inspirational
- Job openings 
- Nattuvaarthakal
- Recipes
- Rituals and Festivals 
- Short Stories
- World of Finance This Week

With your support we are sure, we will introduce more interesting sections, at the same time, keeping these alive and updated on a regular basis.

Our sincere thanks goes to Ajith P Menon, Bhagya Gopinath, Jaya Kannoli, Nanda Pramodh, Navya Balagopal, K Balagopal Menon, Rathi Menon, Sreelakshmi Sajeev Menon and Suraj Menon for coming forward and exhibiting their talent and creativity in our site. We are sure that there are many others amongst us with equally or more significant skill and creative talent and we are eagerly waiting for them to participate.

Wishing you all an interesting time ahead and this is just a trigger note to say that we have lined up exciting plans for you for this summer. Keep visiting and watch out for further announcement. Do not forget to invite your friends and family from and near our Urakam Desham.

If you feel, you or your family members have a spark of creativity or knowledge within you, we are here to ignite it and promote it as a wild fire within our world around. Do not hesitate to contact our representatives at

We are ever ready to assist you.

True and sincere regards,

Ramesh Menon
in co-ordination with Prasanth Iranikkulam and Dinesh Kannoli
(On behalf of the Web Team of WWW.GOPUR.IN)

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