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Published On: Sunday, May 20, 2012

Taste It - Curd Rice (Thairu Saadam)

Ingredients :
Cooked Rice - (Mainly white rice / basmati rice and well boiled) – 2 cup
Curd - 5-6 Tbl.spoon (sour or not, depending on time available for use)
Ginger – 50 gm or sufficient enough,neatly cut into small pieces
Green chillies – 5to 6, cut into small pieces
Red Chillies -2 (cut into small pieces)
Mustard seeds – ½ tea spoon
Urad dal – ½ tea spoon
Chana dal – ½ tea spoon
Seasame Oil – small quantity to season
Salt – enough to taste
Curry leaves – a few leaves
Coriander leaves (optional)
Asafoetida – a pinch (not necessary, but in some places they add to spice it up)


Well boil the white rice.

Mix the curd with rice and add salt and keep it aside.

Heat the seasame oil in pan (kadai) and splutter mustard seeds.

Add to it the the neatly cut ginger, urad dal, red chillies, chana dal and a few curry leaves.

After taking from flame mix a small pinch of asafodia (if necessary) in this mix and then pour to the rice.

Mix well and garnish with coriander leaves (again optional).

Presenters note:

For more artistic presentation, one can add, pomegranate seeds/ scrapped carrot etc while garnishing and preparing to serve

Curd should be sufficiently sour, if the preparation is to be used instantly.

If it is intended for use at a later stage, say 4-6 hours later, add a small quantity of milk to curd, in order to avoid the preparation not to turn more sour in taste.

Curd rice goes very well with pappad, pachakaduku manga chutney, pickle or kodantta mulaku.

Garnishing of the preparation can be made with any of the above (except pappad), if it is intended for use after 4 to 6 hours as the essence of these items will add more taste to the rice preparation.

Curd rice is a good and safe recipe while embarking on long distance journeys.

Why not try out this tasty and yummy curd rice/thairu sadam next time when you go out on a picnic.

Presented to us by:  Rathi Menon (Rathi Murali),  Photography by: Arjun Murali

Prepare it, Taste it and revert to us with your comments.

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